The Top 4 Surefire Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Miriam Janke

As 2020 dawns on us, businesses are pulling out all the stops to ensure they don’t miss out on any new trends in marketing. Considering the fluid nature of Content Marketing, it is imperative that one has to stay on top of every new trend to ensure that their business can get the maximum mileage that each platform has to offer. Analyzing the growing business trends across the globe, here’s my list of the top 4 content marketing trends to make your brand a success story!

  1. Un-conventional Content Offering

There is something about our cognitive intelligence that repulses traditional advertising. Today, every online platform is changing its approach from yesteryear’s didactic preaching. For the year 2020, it is of utmost significance that you change your content marketing approach from ‘lead-generation’ to ‘information building’.

While it may have been popular in the last decade to tell your customers what to do, it is not going to work on the modern customer. Do not simply dole out videos or advertisements that tell the users what’s good for them and what they should buy. Instead, create content that adds value to their lives using your products and services. Leave the choice on the user on whether they would like to use your product or not.

  1. Voice Technology

Amazon claims to have sold over 100 million voice-activated devices till 2019. This number is indicative of the access that your business can capitalize on. Ensuring that your content is available through voice-enabled searches will go a long way in improving your business. Voice ordering is a popular trend in the USA already according to Top digital marketing trends 2020: What does the future behold.

  1. Augmented Reality

According to a recent report, by the year 2022, almost 44% of the global internet-using population will be using Augmented Reality (AR) over their mobiles. The AR ad revenue is projected to be $15 billion. It will be worth your time to first explore a few popular brands that have already implemented AR-type ads for their business to see how it works for them and then move on to implementing it in your business. Lacoste seems to be the perfect example of having established their brand prominence with the help of their AR campaign.

  1. Video Content

Video content is a fast-growing content marketing platform. According to (2019), 87% of marketing professionals use videos as marketing tools. After all, 54% of users wish to see more video content from brands reports HubSpot. In addition, YouTube is a much-preferred marketing option in comparison to Instagram and Facebook. Given these massive stats, it only makes sense to grow your video content marketing efforts.


My experience points me to these top trends, but of course, as 2020 unfolds, I expect many new forums and ideas to evolve. One thing that is for certain, is that consumer behavior has undergone major changes in the last decade. People have started laying more emphasis on the ‘experience’ of purchase rather than just the quality of the products and services. This is why it is important to accept the new technological innovations and apply them to your content marketing strategy in 2020.