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Miss Germany 2021

Top 2 of 15.000 applicants from Miss Germany Berlin


How NASA Builds Teams- worldwide strongest and fastest team performance system, taught by the former head of NASA's Hubble Telescope, Dr. Charles Pellerin

Keynote Speaker

Keynotes and talks about data, circular economy and entrepreneurship


I am an impact founder, a mentor for entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim and Humboldt University Berlin, and a speaker. Besides, I can name myself Vice Miss Germany Berlin and “How NASA Builds Teams”-4-D-Consultant, which is the strongest and fastest team performance system around the world, taught by the former head of NASA’s Hubble Telescope, Dr. Charles Pellerin.

My entrepreneurial journey started with Develop Visions, a non-profit organization to empower female students at the age of 20. Then I found my passion in sustainable technologies to leave an impact. Today, I am co-founder of Trilleco in the space of manufacturing and logistics. I am curious about the use of data, future of digital twins and innovative technologies, which make our world greener and nurture the way for future generations. Hit me up!

Miriam Janke

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Miriam Janke

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

Gucci, Musk, Tinder
– What do they have in common?

Find out now, which effect meme marketing has on your brand!

Miriam Janke

Folgst du dem Trend der Zeit?

Im weltweiten Raum befinden sich 3,5 Milliarden aktive Social Media Nutzer. Drei Viertel der deutschen Bevölkerung gehen täglich online. Dabei verbringt jeder Nutzer 142 Minuten auf Online-Plattformen. Tendenz steigend.

Miriam Janke

Why does it work so well?

Content marketing has arguably been the most high-valued business tool for the past five years. And its significance hasn’t dropped one bit: various studies show that customers are more likely to contact …


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